04 October 2015

Independence Day, 2013.

For the Fourth of July in 2013, we went with Kendall's family for a week long Colorado camping trip in the Rocky Mountains. I had never been to Colorado before -- we all know how well I do on long car rides and I was starting to think driving was a terrible idea, until we arrived. As soon as we started driving into the Rocky Mountain area, I could not believe the size of the mountains! Then, we made camp right next to the most serene, beautiful lake, hidden between soaring green mountains under deep blue skies. Just looking through the pictures makes me long to go back!

I've never been much of a camper, but for our wedding a friend got us a huge tent and a blow up mattress, making things just that much more comfortable. I had also never camped on a real camp ground, so I was able to shower and not be stinky the whole week.

For the 4th, we drove about 15 minutes down the mountain to a small town called Silverton, where they had a huge 4th of July parade! We stayed there for the afternoon for a picnic lunch, then came back later that even to watch the firework show from the top of the mountain. The whole town went dark as they lit fireworks from the opposite mountain for well over an hour, illuminating the entire valley. It was the most spectacular firework show I've ever seen.

A couple days later, we traveled about 45 minutes from our campsite to another small town, Ouray. Here we explored the town and went to the natural hot springs.

After these incredible adventures, we headed back home. On our way, we stopped in Durango where we ate lunch and visited the original Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Obviously the chocolate was way sweeter at this location.

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