13 October 2015

Portland WRAMTA Conference for music therapy nerds.

In college, I got extremely close to two beautiful girls in my program (my music therapy best friends): Amber and Lauren. In November of 2013, Lauren got married and moved away from us to Hawaii. We missed her terribly, but were lucky enough that she was able to meet us in March 2014 in Portland, OR, for the Western Regional American Music Therapy Association conference!

Most of the conference was spent expanding our knowledge of music therapy and connecting with other music therapists in our region, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have some fun! Since we were in my family's city, I was able to take my best friends to some of my favorite parts of Portland! We ate dinner at my parents', had my family over to swim, walked down Hawthorne, ate at Portland-y places (ahem, VOODOO), and went to the Saturday market. Our hotel overlooked the Columbia River and we soaked up our amazing girls' trip while it lasted.

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