11 October 2015

Universal Studios; or, Kendall's Disneyland.

In November 2013 we went with our friends Kim and Tyler to California. We did all our favorite things while there including: eating Ruby's on the beach, walking on the beach, seeing the temple, and overall having a grand ole time!

We had every intention of topping our trip off with Disneyland, but the night before Tyler was having severe tooth pain and had to be rushed to the dentist. He slept most of the next day, but didn't want me and Kendall to just sit around. We decided since Kim and Tyler couldn't come it would be cruel to go to Disneyland, so Kendall talked me into Universal Studios. It was SO FUN. Kendall now loves it significantly more than Disneyland, and thinks that as soon as Harry Potter World opens I will forget about Disneyland all together...we'll see about that.

And for some reason these cronuts were really important. Feast your eyes.

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