08 October 2015

The move.

In August of 2013, we moved out of my grandma's house - the house that I grew up in and that Kendall and I took over after my grandma got married. The house where I learned how to walk and swim. The house where I learned to cook and stayed up late watching movies. It was really hard for me to know that during this exact picture would be the last sunset I saw from the house that built me.

As sad as I was to move out of my childhood home, I was also excited to move into a new house with Kendall - one that we could make our own memories in instead of being stuck on my childhood memories. Our new home (that we still live in!) just so happens to be across the street from Kendall's oldest brother and his family, and in the same neighborhood as Kendall's parents and his second oldest brother and his family. The neighborhood is full of kids, block parties, young couples, and amazing families. I love my house, my street, and the people I've come so close to.

Welcome home!

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