28 September 2015

Honeymoon numero dos.

After we were sealed in the temple, we figured we deserved another honeymoon to celebrate this new step in our lives! We decided to brave the open seas and take a cruise - Kendall's first one! Our ship left from Los Angeles, and after 6 hours and a broken water heater, we made it.

Our first stop on our cruise was Catalina Island, just outside of Los Angeles. We had to take a small motor boat out to the dock. While on the island, we ate chocolate from their old fashioned candy store, kayaked around the bay, snorkeled, and laid out on the beach. It was the cutest little island I've ever seen!

 Our next stop was Ensenada, Mexico. Kendall and I LOVE Mexico, and even though Catalina Island was beautiful, Mexico still topped it. We took a small bus up a hill to see one of the only few blowholes in the world. It was pretty awesome! We got soaked while looking at amazing views of the crystal clear water.

Back in town, we ate tacos at authentic Mexican food restaurants. On our way back to the ship, we saw a painting outside of a shop of Joseph Smith, which really surprised us! We went in to find out who was selling the painting, and the clerk told us that the man who painted it was in the shop. It turned out that this man was getting baptized into the LDS church the following weekend! He told us (ahem...Kendall, because I don't speak Spanish) about his journey to finding the church. It was such a great experience that I'll never forget. Kendall and I always seem to be at the right place at the right time.

On the ship, we ate amazing food, drank Dr. Pepper like it was going out of style, jacuzzi'd, Karaoke'd our hearts out, and took lots of selfies.

I found out that true love is bringing food to your spouse when she has sea sickness for an entire day of a cruise, and not once making her feel guilty about it. A happy anniversary to us!

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