21 September 2015

Adopting Otto

A few months after Biff died, we decided that it was time to look for another little pup to join our family. We were lucky to find a breeder pretty close to our house, and she just so happened to have 2 black male pugs up for adoption.

We went to her house to meet the grumble of pug puppies, and were surprised by about 20 baby pugs running around her backyard! It turned out that two of her mama pugs had pups within a week of each other and she had a HUGE litter. We both gravitated immediately toward the two black baby boys. As I was cuddling the runt of the litter, the bigger of the two incessantly pulled on my skirt while making the cutest little snorting noises. Kendall couldn't handle the cuteness and decided we needed the tugging pug to be our next little friend.

We were a bit nervous adopting another black pug, thinking maybe that he would be too similar to Biff, remind us of Biff, or we would be bitter towards the new puppy for not being Biff. Boy, were we wrong! If any dog is perfect for me and Kendall, it is Otto.

Enjoy his cute puppy face with all the heart eye emojis:

I really think there is nothing cuter than a pug puppy. Otto has brought so much love and joy to our house, not to mention he has us laughing daily. I can't imagine our lives without him!

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