21 September 2015


Moving right along with catching up, Kendall and I have both had THREE birthdays since I've been a journaling slacker. THREE. I can't promise that I remember everything about these birthdays, except that I'm glad I get to spend them next to my favorite human.


In 2013, I turned 22 and Kendall turned 23 (if you couldn't tell by his clever cupcake candles). We spent most of the day with each other, family, friends, and our sweet puppy Biff.


The following year, we spent my birthday in beautiful Sedona, thanks to our sister-in-law Ashtyn generously lending us her family's timeshare for the weekend! It also happens to be our puppy Otto's birthday as well, so I had to take a picture with him. Kendall's birthday was spent at home and then we had a birthday dinner at Cheesecake factory. He ate the biggest burrito ever made and didn't regret it for a second.


This year, we took our pups Otto and Sirius to the dog park and on a hike for my birthday, and for Kendall's birthday we ate out and stayed in.

Every year I feel so grateful for this little family of mine. Even if we don't do anything amazing for our birthdays like we used to, being with each other is enough.

And of course, eating cake. That's always important.

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