12 January 2013


Oh how I love these cool winter days and freezing winter nights. I wish it would stay like this everyday so that I could stay warm, cuddled in my blanket, with a warm fireplace burning...

Oh, I didn't see you there!

It's been so long. And I promised myself (and New Year's Resolved) that as soon as I got my new computer (ahem, MacBook Pro...) that I would work my hardest to be an awesome, beautiful, wonderful, amazing blogger. Unfortunately I've made that promise one too many times;


I mean it. I'm motivated. I'm on top of it.

I'm ready.

Stay tuned for lots of updates. And by lots I mean LOTS. So many things have happened in the past month and each time I do something exciting I say to myself "Wow, I should blog that!" We know how that went. So, I leave you with lots to look forward to. Lots.

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