17 January 2013


I don't know if I've made this common knowledge or not, but I'm a huge dog lover. Like, my parents had to start putting restrictions on the amount of dogs I would "save" and bring home "just until we found their owners." It's a compulsion, I know, and I'm getting help for it (thank you, Animal Hoarders!). But seriously, I love dogs so much that when I moved out of my dad's house my Sophomore year of college, I bought a little dog, Sirius Black Lewis, to keep me company.

Well, once me and Kendall got married, it was inevitable that Sirius would come with me. Unfortunately, this also meant that Sirius had to leave his best friends at my dad's house. Womp womp. This lead to many discussions with Kendall about Sirius feeling like he had no friends in the world and that all the other dogs rejected him, making him the outcast of the puppy world. 

My drama seemed to win over Kendall's heart, and one morning in November I woke up to this four month old, adorable, wrinkly face.

Meet Beauford Maddog Clark, or as we like to call him, Biff. And prepare to die of cuteness, because I'm about to overload you with the most adorable pictures you've ever seen. Seriously. He's the bomb dot com of all puppy faces.

If you did not melt into a puddle of puppy love on the floor, I don't know what planet you live on, or if a soul resides within your body. THAT FACE. We are seriously obsessed with him. He runs amuck, pees and poops all over our house, bites us 'til we're raw, and all we can say is "aw, isn't that cute?"

Best Christmas present ever.

*Also...all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone. Why do I even own a real camera when I think my iPhone is better?


  1. Oh my gosh. I think pugs are the cutest thing, but black pugs are my all time favorite. SOoo cute!

  2. I just want to eat him up! Puppies are soooo ridiculously cute.

  3. ha ha! Love those names. If I had a little black puppy I would name him Voldemort, just so I couls chant his name frantically around my house. he he My boys would KILL for a puppy. husband included. Unfortunately I have this nasty thing called allergies...yeah...not good. but THAT is the cutest Christmas present ever!

  4. so.cute. i love the one where the santa hat is getting devoured!

  5. you are so cute, love your blog! and love the names haha! I'm not a fan of dogs....but dang yours sure is cute!!!