28 January 2013

Christmas time.

For our first married Christmas together, we visited the magical land of Washington with it's miles of blue waters and endless green trees. In this mystical state resides my family - my mom, her husband, and my two little brothers. We were lacking in the Christmas spirit until we landed in the 20 degree chill, and suddenly we knew what it was like to feel like Christmas.


From walks in the rain to late night talks; from real Christmas trees to real white snow; from trips to Multnomah Falls to shopping in downtown Portland and watching Les Miserable in the best theater in the US; this had to be my absolute favorite Christmas of all time. We stayed through New Years and were able to bond so much with my beautiful family. And even though the snow didn't stick to the ground, I still consider this the perfect white Christmas.


  1. that snake, why oh why hahah

  2. you are so adorable.
    and brave!! ahh can't believe you put a snake on your face.

    following along your cute blog :)

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  3. How fun! And yes, Washington is definitely magical! Beautiful photos, girl! That one with the snake is too funny ;)
    xo TJ

  4. Love your grey coat! The one with you and your honey kissing is magical! You can feel the love! xoxo :)

  5. Really liking these pictures! I'm from Washington and it's a beautiful place :)

  6. hahaha your mom is unreal. also that snake picture is killing me! ahhh! haha i love your blog!!