02 February 2013

Speaking of New Year's...

On New Year's Eve this year, Kendall began to scribble away on a small notepad, stopping every few minutes to put on his "I'm thinking really hard" face. Upon asking him why he was making such a face, he informed me that he was making a list, a list that was meant to last all year, and that he really meant it this time

Now, I've heard of these so called "New Year's resolutions," but I had never personally tried said resolutions. A year is a long time to commit to no chocolate or signing up for a gym you'll go to twice a month. But, Kendall decided that it was time that we both get serious about the New Year, and so began my own scribbling and "I'm thinking really hard" face. 
We decided on thirteen resolutions for '13.

I'm getting fancy up in here. Anyways.

1. Read scriptures everyday.
2. Go to the temple at least once a month.
3. No soda.
4. No junk food.
5. Exercise everyday - not tomorrow.
6. Focus on school and do all things on time.
7. Make time to be romantic.
8. Blog more.
9. Finish cleaning the house.
10. Be more organized.
11. Practice guitar everyday.
12. Learn a new hymn on the piano each week.
13. Pray always.

So, now that it's February (happy Groundhog Day!), I can actually give an accountability report about how I'm doing. Thirteen is a lot, and each of these has taken me a little bit of time to get used to. A year seems like a long time, but it makes my resolve to get things done that much stronger. I may slip up sometimes, but the main difference this list has made for me this year is that slipping up isn't giving up. I haven't failed because I had a cupcake the day after my birthday when I said I wouldn't. I haven't failed because I couldn't exercise the day I had a migraine.

So if you made resolutions, I just want you to know that I know they're hard and I know it's uncomfortable, but it's worth it. And other people are suffering right along with you. I'm suffering along with you. The most important thing is that we are trying to better ourselves, and even if we "slip up," failure is not an option this year.

What are your resolutions this year?


  1. Awesome resolutions! I am resolving to have a better attitude this year. And I didn't know you play the guitar! Talented!

  2. Good luck to you. My resolution was to not make any resolutions and so far I've been pretty successful with that. :)

  3. Definitely have to be better about going to the temple and reading scriptures more regularly. They may seem small gestures, but very important!
    xo TJ