05 February 2013

Instaupdate, because I'm sick and lazy.

I can tell I'm becoming a true blogger again when I start doing the "lazy girl post" of updating you via my Instagram. In my defense, Instagram is my best documentation of my life, since I'm a crappy blogger, Facebooker, Twitterer...you name it, I socially suck at it. Except Instagram. So here you go.

1 & 2. Kendall's candid reaction when he saw Biff for the first time after we came home from Washington. Swooooon sweetest thing ever.
3 & 4. Healthy food. I may do a whole post on my struggle with this. Stay tuned.
5 & 6. That time we found a bunny in our backyard and gave it to our brother and sister-in-law. And hair up. And I love dancing. And HP scarves I pretend are ASU scarves so I don't look like a nerd when I secretly am.
7 & 8. Sundays. We have church at 8:30 now, so the rest of our day is spent cuddling, taking walks, or going for long drives with our poopsies. It's the best kind of sabbath I could have asked for.

You can see all my dumb smart pictures if you follow me on Instagram: @brittanylewwhoo.


  1. Okay, is he crying in the photo holding him? Cutest thing ever and I want your puppy. I love the photo of him peeking out at you. I don't know why pugs are so cute!

  2. i love instagram wrap ups! because it is way to difficult to scroll through one persons photos in instagram.

  3. Hey girl, it's time to blog again!