08 May 2013

That one time we got married and forgot to post about it, pt. 1.


I've been promising these pictures for like, 7 years. I've also been promising to get better about journaling, and we all know how that always turns out. Better late than never, right?

But seriously. I just barely put these beautiful pictures on my computer. I'm so unbelievably in love with them, I can't even choose which ones I want to put in frames around our house. I want them all. Everywhere I look. Enough words, more pictures.

I'm prepping you with us wedding prepping, since I have 3 CDs with 300 pictures each. Before the wedding, me and my girls got ready at my sweet sister-in-laws vintage-y house. It definitely calmed my nerves to know that so many people were there for me and helping me to have the perfect day.

Maybe this isn't what typical brides do, but my advise for the wedding day would be to RELAX. If your family is telling you not to stress, then don't. I spent my morning having breakfast with Kendall, lunch with our friends, and then moseyed on over to my SIL's house to get ready well before the ceremony. My family told me they'd take care of everything, and I let them. My wedding day was perfect because I let it be.

More wedding awesome to come.