15 January 2013

Frist thing's first.

For years, I scoffed and scorned the obsessive Applers who worshiped the Mac gods in all their expensive glory. Why would I need to spend a million dollars on a computer when I can get one for $200? Why would I conform? Why, why, why?

Well, now I know.

The world is more beautiful now that I have this dream machine. Pictures are more beautiful, Blogger is more beautiful, even Facebook is a more vibrant shade of blue. It's a dream come true. Ok, I'm being dramatic. But after having a laptop that shut off if it got bumped and took 45.78 minutes to reboot, it's about time I spoil myself. Plus, I really wanted Garageband.

Speaking of apps...what apps do you Macbook Pro users love? I only have Garageband, mostly for music therapy purposes. Any photo editing apps? Music apps? Apps that make my face look funny? Anything!

I know I can put my trust in you.

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