05 November 2012

The married thrift.

When I started reading blogs, I did not understand everyone's obsession with thrifting. I tried to fit in, bought a couple shirts at Goodwill, then gave up that dream of being a hip and happenin' blogger. But when I got married the thrifting switch was flicked in my brain, and now I can honestly say I'm a trendy blogger who refuses to pay full price for anything and would rather have something gently loved than quickly manufactured.

{sweater: Forever 21; shirt: Downeast Basics; jeans: AE}

All our living room furniture? Thrifted. All my new clothes? None more than 10 dollars. In my premarital days, I never would have shopped the sale rack at Fiesta Mall's Forever 21, but on Friday that's where I found myself. Kendall would say I'm becoming an extreme cheapskate, because he loves comparing our lives to his favorite show at the time. (Side note: have you seen that show?! Those people are crazy!) But I'll just say I'm thrifty, because it's cuter.

Is anyone else loving these sweaters over tied and collared shirts? I saw it on the mannequins at Forever 21 (can you tell it's my favorite store?) and wanted to buy every single outfit. But I didn't. Because I'm thrifty.

To all you married thrifters out there,
Go you!
and me.


  1. Being a married cheapskate starts as a necessity and becomes an obsession :) I love finding the best deals on everything!

  2. I so understand this. We live in a small studio so there's not much furniture but 99 percent of it is thrifted or seconf hand. Cute outfit!

  3. Thrifting is wonderful! You just need practice ;)

    xo Jennifer


  4. i need to start trying to thrift more maybe it is because i don't have the patience to look through all the racks or maybe the stores around me aren't great find type of stores. i love that polka dot top you are wearing

  5. That Extreme Cheapskate show kills me! Those people are almost ridiculous. Haha.

    I really need to work on being a little more ~thrifty~

  6. I agree. I didn't get into thrifting until being married, and now it's the best. I am curious to check out the thrift stores in my new area (I just moved) but will have to wait until the baby is a bit older and can out and about. This post makes me excited for that! and I love the bow tie collars too! Oh and the sale rack at F21! They actually have pretty good deals there on that rack!

  7. Man everytime I go there is absoulty nothing haha I think its because I always go to thrift stores in pretty popular big cities so everything is taken!