01 November 2012

A goal.

As I sat contemplating the reasons that my favorite month has to leave me for another year, I realized something about months. I guess you could say this about weeks and days too, but for some reason months are a huge change in our lives. Months are when we pay bills, determine weather conditions, and count down to special events in our lives. Months seem to be the perfect time to start things -- weeks are too short and years are too long to truly commit to change.

A goal that I've struggled with for years is accepting my self-image. It's such a cliche thing for girls to be concerned about, but it is a serious issue for most of us and not something that I tend to take lightly. So, as my October came to a close, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be better for myself. To make a new me on this first day of November.

Goal: Love myself.


  1. This is also probably cliche but the only way I can seem to remember to live myself is by remembering how much my Heavenly Father loves me. Who am I to say I'm not worth it when the creator of all things thinks I'm the bomb dot com

  2. love this. seriously talked to fletcher about this last night. in the relief society broadcast they talked about as women we need to better understand the atonement. so that is my new goal! i love goals. you are great.

  3. And you should love yourself because you're awesome! :) But in all seriousness I know how you feel and I agree. It's a great goal to have and I'll join you!

  4. I love everything about your cute little corner of the Internet. As for your goal, I'm with you, girl. It's a constant roller coaster, don't you think? You can do it though, just set little goals that will help you appreciate and increase your awesomeness.