31 October 2012

All hallows eve.

The ghosts and ghouls are roaming the streets tonight, ringing my doorbell every couple minutes bartering their cuteness for my prized sweets (more widely known as Reece's). This is my first Halloween EVER passing out candy, and so far it's pretty relaxing. It's so fun to see all the little kids costumes and think back to when I used to be allowed to stay up until 11 on Halloween. It was a big deal, guys. The only thing that would make this better is if Kendall wasn't at work.

I'll cheer myself up by enjoying a mug of hot cocoa, some yummy candy, my huge crush on Binx, and my Halloween decorations I threw together today.

I'm pretty proud of my craftiness this season. Not only was I decoration crafty, but Kendall and I were pretty costume crafty as well.

I'm so lucky to have a husband who fuels my unhealthy obsession with all things, specifically Once Upon A Time related. But that's a story for another day!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your decorations were really cute for being last minute!
    Once Upon a Time is THE best! I'm addicted to that show. I'd been watching it on Netflix and went into hyperventilation status when it was over. Then I could breathe again when I realized I could watch the current season on abc's website. It keeps me company while editing pictures. You make a beautiful red. ;)