02 October 2012

Sick day.

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely awful. I popped the good pills, and no more than an hour later my pain was back. So, it was a day in bed with my husband for me! Not that I'm complaining about the husband part. As much as I hate being in pain, I love love LOVE watching movies all day in bed with Kendall. Now that I'm stuck here sick, I'm sitting here on the computer trying to decide on a much needed vacation for us over October break. 

Basically, these are our options:

1. Disneyland. Are you surprised? Halloweentime is my favorite ever. The price? Not my favorite ever.
2. Las Vegas. Recently I've seen a lot of people taking vacations there and that they have a lot of fun Halloween themed things! And they're having a sale on hotel rooms.
3. The cabin. Beautiful getaway and free! Not so excited about dealing with spiders again, though.
4. Camping. Again, beautiful and bugs.
5. Any other fun getaways, preferably with a Halloween theme.

Seriously, I don't know what to do. What are some of your favorite Fall vacations?


  1. Oh sorry to hear you are sick! Hope you feel better! Lucky you have your husband there and a cute pup at your feet to keep you company :)

    All those sound like so much fun! I wish we were going on a vacation this Fall, but we're moving at the end of the month!

  2. Hope you're better by now. ;)

    I nominated you for an award on my blog, but don't feel like you have to participate unless you want to. :)