24 October 2012

It's been too long...again.

Everyday, I get this overwhelming feeling that there is a part of my life that is missing, and everyday I know that the part of my life I'm missing is journaling and blogging, taking pictures, documenting my life. I tend to get overwhelmed with school, and life in general, and think of blogging as an added layer on my stresscake of a life. Like girls do, I make it out to be way more difficult than it has to be. In reality, blogging helps me to let out how I feel and express myself in a way that my stressful life doesn't allow for!

So, here's to trying, once again, to blog. Consistently. Forever.

And an update of what has been happening at the Lewis and Clark residence.

Basically these last few weeks have been filled to the brim with fall activities, hanging out with the Sirius monster, crafting and knitting, and food. I've been trying to juggle full time school with husband time and housework time, all while not chopping my own head off. I don't know how you girls do it, but I think I'm learning. Slowly.


  1. That little dog is so cute! Is he yours? All of these sweets are making me pretty hungry...

  2. Sounds like a fun week! Those apples look good..

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  3. hi there fellow Arizonian :) just stumbled upon your blog - its so cute! new follower joanna-dan.blogspot.com