30 October 2012

Western Halloween.

Halloween around these parts, to me at least, means getting down and dirty with some local farm festivals. I have an unhealthy obsession with pumpkin patches, corn mazes, barbecues and pig races, and in October it is out of control. Like, those around me should be scared for their lives if they try to get in the way of me and my farm festivities -- I will take you down. Eventually Kendall had to cave and appease my compulsion, and willingly took me to my all time favorite farm, ever.


I seriously used to go here every year as a kid, and then we became long-lost friends through my teenage years. Last year, our love affair was rekindled and now all I think about all year is the dusty manure filled air, the surprisingly scary roller coaster, the fluffy goats, and of course, the delicious farm fresh food. I just think that Schnepf embodies everything that I love about October, and brings me back to my roots.

The highlight of our night was sitting behind this boy and his dad on the roller coaster. After the first drop, Kendall exclaimed appropriately that it was a pretty rough ride. The little boy turned around, laughing, and said "that drop made my stomach feel funny!" After the third time around the track, Kendall turned to me and said, "what a great dad. I bet this ride is killing his body, but he's doing it to make his son happy."

Just another reason why I love Schnepf Farms, and will continue to wish every month is October until it comes back to me next year.


  1. What adorable pictures! Happy halloween to you~ Thanks for celebrating it for me ;) I'm jealous of your pumpkin patch/farm adventure. xoxo

  2. happy halloween~~~ Looooove your pics from the visit to the farm :)


  3. Aw it looks fun! I love those lights they have strung up!

    xo Jennifer


  4. hi guys! It's awesome that your names are Lewis and Clark! So romantic!
    It looks like so much fun at the farm! Cute little goats <3

  5. How fun and absolutely beautiful! I just am loving all the lights. It makes things seem to peaceful! This just goes to show it doesn't have to be all about the scary! ;)
    Happy Halloween!
    xo TJ