23 July 2012

In which Arizona is bipolar.

Saturday, I was so happy to have the opportunity to spend the day with my best friend, Ms. Katie. Being married, it's hard to find time to do the things you used to do back in singular times, but luckily my husband understood my need and allowed me a pass this time. Katie happened to be house-sitting this weekend, so we spent the day lounging in the pool and tanning our hearts away. Then three things happened in very quick succession.

First, I'm tanning and minding my own business, when these ominous clouds roll in, threatening my radiant sun to be snubbed out. 
Second, I turn to my left and say, "there's a dust storm coming in." Katie, preoccupied with more important things (ahem, more tanning), says calmly "yeah, they said that on the news." "No really, there's a dust storm coming, and it's going to be here in 2 seconds." We made a mad rush for the protection of the house and stood at the door watching as the dust enveloped the entire backyard.
Third, it poured. And I mean, a huge bucket of water was released from the sky. Katie and I grabbed our DPs and parked our tushes on the patio outside to watch the downpour.

I'm not going to lie, this definitely did not ruin our day, but it made our day that much more enjoyable. 
Arizona is crazy, but where else can you tan all day, then be covered in dust and rain within minutes?


  1. How crazy! Sounds like a great day! It's great that you didn't let it ruin your time.


  2. oh my goodness! That dust storm looks so scary! Being in Florida, unexpected downpours and bipolar weather are normal, but I've never experienced a dust storm.

    Love & Whimsy

  3. Uggh! We ran into that same storm while at the pool on Saturday as well! Actually, we JUST left the pool and all of a sudden the monsoon came through. Good ol' Arizona monsoons!

    xx Adrian

  4. We went out that morning, so luckily we were at home by the time the craziness happened. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!