12 July 2012

The days of the week.

Hey hey hey!
So, we just got back from a huge adventure up in San Clemente, California. Ok, we didn't just get back.. We've been back like a week. But I'm a blog slacker and we all know that. And my camera wouldn't charge while we were there so all of my pictures are on my phone, and I honestly didn't feel like I had time in my busy schedule (ahem, watching 4 hours of Dateline yesterday) to send each picture one-by-one to my e-mail. Today is the lucky day that I finally got off my bloggin lazy butt and decided to write a post about it so I can get on with my life. Our adventure begins on a Sunday, when we left with the family we work with for a week long vacation in beautiful California.

Sunday - We left hot hot Mesa for beautiful, sunshiney San Clemente. We arrived and headed straight for the beach to watch the sunset and play a little bit, but the beach was sucky and rocky. We made a mental note not to go back there for our beach day.

Monday - We went to Legoland! Which was so awesome for the kiddos. Best part? Guessing how much time it took the Lego nerds to build those things out of Legos. Seriously, who has time to put together a structure out of 5 million Legos? I'd like to meet him.

Tuesday - This was my favorite day, because me and Kendall got the night off to do whatever we wanted. We headed down to Laguna Beach for a date night.

Wednesday - Happy Fourth! I'm definitely glad we decided not to go to San Diego. Even though the San Clemente pier did catch on fire, it was nothing compared to the excitement of the 5 second firework show there!

Thursday - The kids we work with are obsessed with science, so this day was dedicated to the Discovery Science Center. I'm not gonna lie, the science center was awfully close to Disneyland. And I mean awful. As much as I loved nerding out, my heart was romping through the temple of doom with Indy just a few miles away..

Friday - Beach day! Oh how I love thee, Oceanside!

And that was our week, well, last week! I adore the family I work for and I'm so glad we got to go with them on all these fun trips! Now, just to convince them to take us to Disneyland next time.. ;)


  1. A legoland lego boat?! Why have I not known that this existed until now. I think I found a new addition to my bucket list:)

  2. your days have been packed of nothing but fun. Now I'm the one living through you! ;) xoxo

  3. okay, this whole post just looks like so much fun! i'm absolutely in love with these legoland pictures. what fun!!
    xo TJ

  4. Ah! This looks like the best week ever! SO FUN!