24 July 2012


It's safe to say that Kendall and I are obsessed with our blender. Every few weeks we go down to Superstition Ranch Market to buy fresh fruits and veggies so that every morning we can make a new kind of smoothie to delight our taste buds. Usually they turn out green because Kendall thinks spinach will make me healthier, but sometimes I'm able to convince him to make my smoothie an acceptable color, like today. 
Today, my smoothie was pink.

Brittany & Kendall's Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie
2 cups lemonade
2 1/2 cups ice
1/2 pint raspberries
3 drops natural vanilla extract

First, blend together lemonade and ice. I used Simply Lemonade because it is the closest to freshly squeezed lemonade as you are going to get...besides freshly squeezed lemonade...which you could do too...moving on. Then blend in raspberries and vanilla (if you want a sweeter flavor). We like ours pretty lemony, so if you want yours more raspberry-y, add another half pint of raspberries. Pour into mason jars, add straws, and viola! Delicious, natural raspberry lemonade!

Smoothies, to me, are a good way to be healthy without actually committing to being healthy. I still feel like I'm cheating and having a treat, even though I'm really having fresh fruits and water. Win win!
What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?


  1. We are completely obsessed with our smoothie maker as well and I agree: it feels like a treat. Our favorite as of late: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, some other frozen berries and OJ. Other fruits I've tried and love: mango, grapes, banana, kiwi, ... it goes on and on. As long as the smoothie isn't too thick and sweet. And ew, no green smoothies in this house! :)

  2. mmm I LOVE simply lemonade. Have you tried the mango kind? These look delicious, and I agree, smoothies are a good way to be healthy without actually committing to being healthy! I sometimes add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to mine before blending, but I tell myself it's okay because I'm not eating ice cream-- I'm eating a smoothie!

  3. Ok officially craving this RIGHT NOW!!! I am telling my husband we have to make this tonight! Thank you! You are darling! xoxo

  4. Yummy! I make fresh fruit smoothies every morning before work, and I put it into a mason jar too :)

    Sometimes when I have bananas that I know I won't eat and it's about to turn black I throw them in the freezer and whip it up in a smoothie. Such a healthy breakfast :D I make mine with frozen bananas, mangos, blueberry, OJ and yogurt :)

    Love & Whimsy

  5. Yum!! That looks sooo good!