22 March 2016

Portland Halloween, 2014.

For Halloween of 2014, Kendall and I decided to visit my family in Washington! Neither of us had been to the PNW during Fall and were excited to spend Halloween trick-or-treating with my little brother. The leaves were changing and the weather was perfect - we took Colton to a pumpkin patch to pick out his own pumpkin to carve.

The next day, we got up early to head out to spend the day in Seattle. We spend the whole day shopping at Pike Place and ate amazing food, including lots of sweets and delicious hot chocolate from the original Starbucks.

And, as usual, Kendall and I spent a date night walking down Hawthorne shopping and taking pictures of our food and Fall leaves. It was probably one of my favorite trips to Portland!

And, of course, VooDoo - always get VooDoo.

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