22 March 2016

July 2014.

Summer of 2014 was a busy Summer! July was probably one of the busiest months of 2014.

1. My beautiful niece Rivers was born! I'm not very good at holding newborns, but she gave me lots of practice.
2. My best friend, Katie, was married in July! I was lucky enough to be co-maid of honor with her sister Kendal. Kendal planned her beautiful bridal shower and I planned a Harry Potter themed bachelorette party, complete with a feast in the Great Hall and a House Cup. She was absolutely radiant on her wedding day and I love her husband, David, like a brother. I'm so happy for my best girl!
3. Kendall and I spent the 4th of July in Payson with Katie and David where we got rained out and didn't get to see fireworks! But at least we had a barbecue at the cabin with hot cocoa and s'mores!
4. July was a huge month for my career - I completed my music therapy internship with Seasons Hospice, 5 days later passed my exam and became a Board-Certified music therapist, and the next day started my first job as a full-time music therapist at Higher Octave Healing!

I figured the crazy busy month deserved a break, so in August Amber and I took a much needed vacation..

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