15 August 2012


I don't know what it has been lately, but I have felt very 60s hippy-ish. Maybe it's the Olympics, rekindling my love for all things flower, peace, love, and Beatles. Maybe it's the fact that I'm starting school in a little over a week, Kendall's starting a new job, we're moving, and everything's changing, that makes me feel like I need a more chill, balanced life right now. Whatever it is, analyzing my Instagram tells the story.

1 & 2. Just spending time with my husband. Watching movies, hugging, cooking, going to Good Will and finding funny books or smelly curtains. I just have craved us time lately. Also, notice the hippy-natural-throwinabraid hair? Apparently I unknowingly boycotted products and heat in my hair for the last three weeks.
3 & 4. Homemade. I have always loved cooking, but I've been trying harder to think of interesting things to make using the food we have left at the end of the month. French bread grilled cheese and Oreo shakes.
5 & 6. Not-so-homemade. We've tried to balance homemade food out with actually going out to eat to treat ourselves. Red velvet pancakes (I DIE.) and the best pie ever (I guess you can call it Buttermilk pie, if you must).
7 & 8. Nature. What else does a hippy need besides fresh air, stars, and some tunes?

What's your instalife?


  1. I am kinda hungry right now and then I looked at your pictures and now I'm really hungry! :)


  2. red velvet pancakes?! Where from!!??
    Oh and where are you moving!?

  3. The food you put on here...just made me super hungry. Hope things calm down with the move...I feel your pain all too well!