08 August 2012

Cabin fever.

This past weekend, we got some much needed R&R.

What does R&R mean in our case? Probably not what we thought it might, but we'll get to that later. For now, I'm going to tell you our weekend novel the same way I like to eat my Oreos, cookie first, and I'll save that sweet filling for later.

We took Friday afternoon off work to drive up to Kendall's family cabin in Strawberry, Arizona for a short weekend vay-cay. The weather was magical, and I could smell those pines from miles away. My dad even let us borrow his Jeep for our romping pleasures. When we arrived, we threw our stuff inside and headed down the road to Strawberry Lodge for dinner and the best pie of our lives. Seriously. If you've never had Buttermilk pie, you need to rethink what your life is coming to.

Let's not mention our Friday night spider hunting fiasco and skip forward to Saturday night. We get a text from our sister-in-law asking how long we were planning on staying and that her little family might want to come up. Once they listened to our coaxing to get their tushes up there, we spent the rest of our weekend watching movies, shooting into the wind, and eating more pie.

How cute is our family? How fun does this vacation look? Does that gun make my butt look big?
Kendall's going to have to put up with my whines and moans about going back soon. Very soon.


  1. My hubby has a cabin in Strwbeery just down the road from strawberry lodge!!!! I have never tried their pie. They used to have a flour less cake with cinnamon whipped cream which was the BEST dessert I have ver had...everytime I go back they don't have it though. It has really ruined my life!!! You have me curious about your spider hunting!!

  2. Nice photos!
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