29 May 2011

Sunday Drive.

I really love driving Penny. It's the only time that I'm alone and get to think and sing and not worry about what someone is going to say to me or want me to do.
I love driving Penny, especially on Sundays. I sing hymns and enjoy the air blowing on my face.
Driving to church, the place where everything seems to make sense when nothing else does.
I'm not gonna lie, my hair looked dang good too.

With my crazy weeks, I feel like I get no time to myself.
I think I might do some online retail therapy tomorrow to relieve some stress.
And maybe get some Yodipity.
Or maybe Jake will take me on a date.
Who knows!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh heeeyyyyy pretty lady! I miss youuuuu. We should get yodipity together :) just a thought....

  2. Oh I'm so with you. Driving is like, the ONLY time I get to myself--and I totally sing every time, too :)