05 May 2011

I love you, love you, love you!

Today was the first time in about 100 years that Jake and I have actually been able to spend time together.
And let me tell you what, it was simply splendid!

I'm loving having my camera fixed!

{headband: Forever; shirt: H&M; necklace: Forever; belt: Charlotte; Skirt: Forever; shoes: ASU kiosk store}

{watch out for that blue steel!}

The day started out just hanging out at my apartment, watching some TV. I decided that I should probably go to Tempe Marketplace to get the dress that I wanted from DownEast, as well as pick up my pottery from As You Wish. So we made it a date!

First we went to Barnes and Noble and bought some books. I'm so excited to actually be able to read something I want to read this summer instead of boring books about who composed what in 1903!
Next, we went to lunch together at Axxio (used to be Slices). We got the BBQ chicken and bacon pizza, and let me tell you what, I don't think I ever want to eat anywhere else in my whole life!
After that delicious meal and picking up the things I needed, I had to go to Mesa Riverview to get some pictures that I ordered for the empty picture frames in my room.
Since we were going that way, we decided to stop by for by one get one free Yodipity. I literally jumped around like a dog getting a treat when I saw that they had my favorite flavor, red velvet! It made my day.
After our little day date on the town, we came back to my apartment and watched some more TV and played Words with Friends while sitting right next to each other. I made us dinner, then it was time for him to leave.

It was so nice to have a day where I didn't feel like I had to do anything. And I got to hang out all day with the person I love to spend the most time with, and I'm so glad we finally got to spend that time together just being us. During the school year, I don't feel like us. I feel like we're too busy to truly be there for each other. Today showed me how nice it is to be in love.

"If you were to cast me off now -- but you will not -- you would never be rid of me. No one should come between us. I would pursue you to the death."

*Quote from Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

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  1. Um you guys are the cutest of the cutes!
    So glad you got a J and B day :)
    Also, is it just me or does "Axxio" remind anyone of "Accio"? As in...