12 May 2011


My last week has been really crazy. You could say extreme.
Not only have I had finals, but today some really strange things happened.

One. I come home and see that my license plate has arrived!
We take it out of it's package to see what I've got...
Check it all out to make sure everything is ok...
And find this.

Underneath my license plate was a second license plate, with a different number.
I'm pretty sure that they made an extreme mistake! Ms. 78 is probably patiently waiting for her license plate while the license plate makers couldn't take the time to make sure their orders are correct!
I'm baffled!

Two. My dad and I have been watching Extreme Couponing...and we're a bit inspired.
Today we sat at the computer determined to find at least one good deal, because we didn't have time to plan out a whole shopping trip tonight.
Long story short, this is what we found:

The Breakdown:
4 boxes of Totino's Pizzas, Fry's sale of $1.29 each.
Albertson's coupon, $.77 each for up to 4.
2 Totino's manufacture's $.50 coupon, doubled for a dollar each.
2 store bonus coupons, $.27 each.

Total cost for each pizza:
$.13 each.

Read it and weep!
Best part? We could have saved more if we had 2 more manufacturer's coupons.
And by save, I mean, the store would have owed us about 2 dollars.
I love coupons!

Three. What the heck is this contraption?

I glared at it the entire time we were at Wender's.
How does it hold 160 different drinks?
How can they all come out of one spout?
Why does it taste extremely delicious, and much better than other sodas?
How did Wender's get so lucky to acquire one?
Where does it keep it's brain?
It can't be trusted.

Sometimes, life gets a little extreme. But I think I like it that way.


  1. i want to coupon so bad!!! i don't even know where to start and my math skills totes stink so wish me luck;)

  2. They have one of those soda things at Five Guys, too. And once I move back out again, I am TOTALLY doing "extreme couponing."