04 October 2011

Silly things.

I've been busy.
I've been doing a lot of things.
I've been doing a lot of serious things, actually.
So I'll start out with the silly, simple things.

Uno. Church activities sometimes result in making awesome delicious cakes and decorating them in awesome delicious ways. Yes, I like to use delicious to describe more than just food.

Dos. Working on fun crafts with my best friend. We've become obsessed with Pinterest and  finding cute crafty things to do.. if only we had time to do them all!

Tres. Sometimes your friends get sudden hulk-like strength and throw your guitar across the room in a fit of musical rage.. Or they just accidently bump into it during guitar class. I prefer telling people that the former happened, personally. It's more exciting.

Quatro. Harry Potter Puppy Pillow?

Cinco. I had my first Bahama Rama Mama. Oh my delicious. I'm so glad that Katie and I have nothing better to do than find sweet treats to eat on a Saturday night. If you've never had one, get off blogger and go get one. Now.

Ok, so that was just a bunch of random nonsense. Not only have I been bad at blogging, but I've been bad at picture taking as well!
But, October is my favorite month.
And therefore I'm making it a priority to be more creative and happy all month!
That includes taking pictures at every single activity I go to so that I can babble on about my boring life even more!
Aren't you excited?


  1. YES I am excited, cause your blog makes me happy!

  2. Yay for Harry Potter!

    P.S. I'm hosting a scarf swap today and would love for you to join in!