27 September 2011


You guys!
I have been a horrible blogger.
And I have left you all hanging for much too long.
Now that I feel my life getting back in order, and I feel like I can make time for things other than school, work and church, I promise I'm going to come up with some posts!
{I'm not promising they will be good.}
But they will be posts!
How are you guys?! Tell me everything.


  1. Keeping up with blogging can be hard! We all understand. :)

  2. It's about time!! I've been checking your blog like every day, lady! I love your posts. I love your life. I love you! :) And it's cool that you've taken awhile to post again...you've been pretty busy making eternally changing decisions. :)) We followers understand.

  3. thanks dear, ive followed you back <3


  4. Its hard to keep up with everything sometimes!
    Just found your blog. it is so cute & you are adorable!!