08 August 2011

Bedroom blues.

{via pinterest}

I wish I could say these are my rooms, and that I bought my own house and have 4 rooms that I sleep in each day of the week, and that I'm amazing at decorating my rooms in cute vintagey ways.
Alas, I am not.
And my room still looks like a storage closet for a hoarder.
Maybe I'll finish sometime before Christmas.

If not, I'll just ask Santa for a new room.


  1. I would take ANY of these. Or perhaps one of each. Yup. Sounds good. :)

  2. OMG I love the bed from the second photo!! Gorgeous. I wish I could have a new room too! Just wait until you get married and have to compromise on neutrals. Ew. Lol I wish I could still have cute girly florals! Enjoy it while you can love!

  3. The are indeed amazingly decorated! I just love the pretty floral wall paper :)

  4. Haha I'm sure Santa will grant you your wish...but only if you are good this year! :)

  5. These are lovely. If you don't get them, I'm next in line haha